Fulfilled: A course for creative entrepreneurs

Elizabeth Alice Studio course on creative entrepreneurship, self employment course, how to build a creative art business

Your work can be both profitable AND fulfilling.

In over a decade of being a self-employed creative, I've been through it all:

Bravery, trepidation, burnout, prioritization, and finally, the feeling of total peace and fulfillment!

My work brings me so much joy that it feels funny to call it "work" at all.

That's the feeling that I want every creative entrepreneur to experience.

In this course, I walk you step by step through everything you need to do to set up (or straighten up) your business, to create a clear brand message, to diversify your income, and to price your work fairly.

In 10 weeks, your creative business can be streamlined and you'll feel fulfilled, not overwhelmed, by your work!

Registration will reopen on January 16, 2023.


Peek inside the course! 

The 10-module course is designed to be completed in as little as 10 weeks, but you'll have access to the content for 2 years, so you can take it at your own pace and revisit it as often as you want.


A presentation with my overview of the subject
A conversation with a guest artist 
A live Q&A
Additional videos and templates
Worksheets and prompts to implement the lesson in your own business right away

    1. Finding your Signature Style

    • How to find your unique style, how to narrow it down if you work in several different styles, and how it will evolve over time

    2. Set to Sell

    • Business structure, taxes, banking, and whether to sell on your own website, Etsy, or elsewhere

    3. Branding & Website

    • Creating your branding
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website or Etsy
    • Photography and Photoshop basics

    4. Pricing

    • Why NOT to use a formula, how and why you should set your prices, paying yourself, types of discounts, and ideas for additional income

    5. Marketing

    • What it is, marketing funnels, identifying your target customer and where to reach them, social media and email marketing

    6. Shipping 

    • How to ship anything, my favorite shipping materials, shipping carriers, and writing a shipping policy

    7. Holiday Season

    • Expectations, marketing for the holidays, schedule, ideas for what to sell, budgeting, and shipping

    8. Diversifying your Income

    • Recurring revenue, wholesale, licensing, selling on commission, and ways you can make money while working less

    9. Making Prints

    • Everything you need to know about making prints of your art, including a step by step demonstration of photography and scanning
    • How to create oversized prints with the equipment you already own

    10. Addressing Issues

    • Customer Service
    • Protecting your work, copyright, and trademarks
    • Confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome, and speaking confidently about your work


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