I'd love to create a custom work of art for you! It is truly an honor to create something that will become a treasured part of your home. 

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Here's how it works: 

You may send me a commission request at any time. You can start with a photo, a color palette, or a general idea--I'm happy to advise on what will work best for a painting! 

I am currently booking commissions about 2 months out. Consider contacting me as early as possible if you'd like a commission by a specific date. 

To inquire about a commission, please contact me or email me at


Chinoiserie panel paintings by Elizabeth Alice Studio, pink chinoiserie art over a white crib in a baby girl nursery. Asian art with trees, flowers, peonies, birds, and grass with a pink background in a gold minimal frame, custom commissioned art paintings

What are your prices? 

Any size is available, but prices for common sizes are: 

  • 11" x 14" - $360
  • 16" x 20" - $725
  • 18" x 24" - $995
  • 24" x 30" - $2150
  • 24" x 36" - $2800
  • 30" x 40" - $3990

Prices include shipping. I'm also happy to source frames and frame your artwork for you. 

What will you paint as a commission? 

Looking through the work on my site and on Instagram is a great way to get a sense of my style and what I like to paint! I often paint flowers, people, landscapes and seascapes, pets, houses, food, and treasured objects. 

You don't have to start with a perfect photo. In fact, what makes an interesting painting is very different from what makes a good photo. Try to get a photo in sunlight with lots of shadows, and people in movement. For house portraits, consider a candid shot, not the stiff "real estate" photo. 

You can even send me a video to work from! 

I do not do traditional portrait paintings, i.e. a posed person facing forwards (my medium, heavy body acrylic paint, is not well suited to "soft" portraiture). I also can't paint a photo that's held in copyright by someone else. If you know who the photographer is, you may ask permission to use it. 

Can you incorporate colors from my decor?

Yes! You can send me photos, or even mail me fabric and paint samples, to make sure your painting is perfect for your space. 

What size do I need? 

It depends on the image and the space where the art will live. If you send me a photo of your space, I can advise on size. 

The subject of your painting will also determine the size. For example, a small painting will fit a single flower, but not a vast landscape. It's good to have a size in mind, but be open to a different size based on what I think will work for your image. 

I'm an interior designer. Do you offer an industry discount?

Yes, and I'd love to work with you! Please contact me for professional partnerships. 

What do I do now? 

Send me a message! No matter where you are in the process, I'm happy to chat about what you want and answer questions. 

Even if you're just considering a commission for the future, we can talk about ideas so that you can keep your eyes open for inspiration. 

(If you don't hear back from me within 1 day, please check your spam folder! Alternately, you can send me a message on Instagram.)