Hello! I'm Elizabeth. I am an artist who creates colorful paintings with lots of movement and texture. My style is feminine and expressive. 
I’ve always been an artist. Ever since my first "commission" when I was seven years old, I have loved not just the act of creating, but sharing my work with others.
I love to find and capture beauty in the world. When I paint anything, that level of study always leads me to appreciation. And appreciation leads to gratitude. I paint because I'm so grateful for the beautiful world we live in, for the memories held in special objects, and for the relationships that we honor through art. I hope to spread that mindset of gratitude to everyone who sees my paintings.
I’ve studied design in Paris and London, and shipped works around the world, and I can’t wait to send something to be a part of your home, too. 

I am proud to have been featured in:

Artists' Gallery Ellicott City
Brides UK
Christenberry Collection
Kara's Party Ideas
The Knot