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White bright artist studio by Elizabeth Alice Studio, artist's office with table, shelves, easel, and white drapes


I'm settled into my new studio and it is already proving to be a really peaceful and productive space.

Let me show you around!

Some of these products are affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a small commission if you purchase something you see here, at no extra cost to you. This is just one way that I keep my art business running! 

Wall easel artists peg wall by Elizabeth Alice Studio with chinoiserie paintings and pink craft cart dropcloth

The Wall Easel

I built a wall easel that works for large and small canvases. I have seen a lot of artists build this with movable pegs, but my goal was to this quickly and inexpensively. I did not want to buy any more tools beyond what I already own. So, I made mine with only screws! They are spaced evenly so that I can hang even very wide canvases. I have the option to remove them or add more.

Another huge benefit is that this solution is rental-friendly! Each board only makes two holes in the wall, where they are attached at the top and bottom. Using screws to hang canvases along the height of the board doesn't make a mark in the wall. Plus, I added a large drop cloth to protect the floor, so I'm really not doing damage to my room. 

This is how I built it: 

  • I cut wood boards to the height of the wall. Conveniently, these were already white so I didn't have to paint them!
  • I screwed the wood boards into wall anchors in the wall. Mine are staggered at 6" and 20" apart, giving me the option to hang small canvases from the boards that are 6" apart, or large canvases across the wider gaps. 
  • I measured evenly spaced spots on the boards and add screws. I marked spaces 4" apart in height, but I didn't put screws in every spot. Still, the marks are there if I ever want to add more screws. 

I move my pink rolling cart of paint back and forth between the wall easel and the table. While I'm painting here at the easel, it keeps my water and brushes within arm's reach. 

White artist studio with shelves table and white curtains by Elizabeth Alice Studio, art studio in spare room, feminine artists studio

The Table

This was the simplest and best addition to my new space! I really needed a table where I could paint, varnish, and do all the messy things that I used to pile up all over my house and desk. 

Notice the white upholstered chair? I might look crazy to use this as my painting chair, but I believe in having things around me that I LOVE. Even if it's going to be splattered with paint, I'd rather look at something I love than something I don't! I have the same mindset when decorating. People often make decor choices based on the idea that their things are going to get dirty or beaten up. But, you have to live with the pieces either way. You can have furniture you love that's stained, or furniture that looks only tolerable...that's also stained! Buy the things you love! 

White artist studio by Elizabeth Alice Studio with lots of storage on shelves

The Shelves

I brought these shelves with me from my old studio, but they were pretty beat up. I repainted them the same white as the walls and fireplace. All of my supplies are already very visually busy, so the white keeps things looking as clean as possible. 

This is where I store almost all of my supplies: canvases, paper, paint brushes, markers, and smaller completed paintings. 

Remember what they looked like when they were gold? I've repainted them several times, but I think I like the bright white look the best of all! 

Elizabeth Alice Studio pink and gray and gold art studio, colorful pretty floral art studio

My previous space holds a lot of fond memories, but I was excited to brighten things up and make the color scheme a lot more versatile. Don't worry, I didn't throw out the popular pink velvet curtains and Catherine rug--they just got relocated! (I don't have a link to the curtains because I made them myself, from fabric that's no longer sold.)

The Fireplace

I really needed a clean area to photograph my work, and the fireplace is perfect. Now I don't have to clean up a working area of the studio to take a few photos. 

The Shipping Station

It's not pretty, but it's necessary! I package and ship all of my original paintings myself, as well as a few of my smaller products, so I have a huge variety of shipping supplies. Having them organized keeps the process efficient! 

The Desk

Having a separate painting table allows me to keep my desk clean...and prevents more paint from getting on my electronics! 

I also have my sewing machines here. I don't do too many sewing projects professionally anymore, but I do sometimes make a limited run of items with fabric that I've designed. It's great to have this in a separate area now from my paint! 

I also sometimes do my ink drawings here, again, to be able to work on projects separately while leaving my paints set up at the table. 

Behind the desk is my general storage area. There's no closet, so I created a little nook by positioning the desk perpendicular to the wall, to block a little bit of the inevitable clutter. 

Art studio desk with white curtains Elizabeth Alice Studio

The Natural Light

This is probably the BEST part of this space! Large windows on two opposite walls allow light in all day, from dawn to dusk. I added white drapes to filter out harsh sunlight while not darkening the room at all. I maximized my light by painting the walls and fireplace "Bistro White" by Valspar. It's a fantastic bright white, with just a touch of warmth to keep it from looking too stark or blue. 


I find that I am hugely affected by my work space. Working in this beautiful and efficient space puts me in a great frame of mind to create every day. I hope you've enjoyed taking this look around! 


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