Small works on paper: florals and landscapes of springtime

I created these paintings in little moments over maternity leave, alongside my little one. 

This collection wasn't planned in advance like most of my work.
Instead, I took one day at a time (or more accurately, one nap at a time!) to paint whatever I was in the mood for.
I started with the yellow tulips, which I painted from life. I love watching tulips relax and fade. Even though you can't see the movement happening, every time I looked at the bouquet, it looked a little different. It's a little bit like watching my kids grow up!
Then I moved on to the pink and white dogwood trees. It was a FANTASTIC year for dogwoods here in Maryland. One year, my dogwood didn't bloom at all because of the weather, and ever since then I am extra appreciative of the beautiful and brief blossoming time.
Finally, I took a trip to Ladew Topiary Gardens while their azaleas were in full bloom. I painted a little bit on-site, and it's so interesting to compare what I'm moved to do in the moment, versus what I plan out in-studio. I completed a couple paintings of the azalea gardens. I don't usually gravitate to painting landscapes, but I make an exception when the landscape is filled with flowers!
This mini collection will always be special to me because it's what I was inspired to paint right after having my last baby. 

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