Picnic Paintings to welcome summer

Is there anything more refreshing than the first warm days of spring?

These are the days I want to spend all the time I can outside. 

Gather Splendor, a picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, picnic blanket art with lilac, hat, book, oranges, and croissants

Whether it's a calm afternoon by myself, reading while I eat my lunch, or a more upbeat gathering with talkative friends, there's something about packing up our snacks and eating outside together that makes even the simplest food feel special. 

Beneath the Blossoms, a picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, picnic basket with pink cherry blossom trees in a Paris park, dappled sunlight, rose wine, grapes, fruit, baguettes

I love how the mix of sun and shade makes the most gorgeous shadows on the vibrant fruit! 

Delightful Day, a picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, picnic blanket art with basket, bread, peonies, fruit, strawberries, cheese board, acrylic painting still life

Years ago, I was in Paris with a group of fellow students. One day, our guide bought a few blocks of French cheese for all of us to sample. It wasn't a typical picnic; there was no lounging on a blanket on a warm, sunny day. It was the middle of winter, and we stood around on the sidewalk. But the thoughtfulness of our guide, and the fun of trying something new with friends, is what made it memorable. 

Mimolette in Paris, a picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, picnic basket art with cheese board, fruit, baguette, pink wine glasses, china dishes, dappled sunlight, shadows, picnic blanket, pink gingham

One of the cheeses was a hard orange cheese. I loved it immediately! I went back into the cheese shop and bought a block for myself. I put it in the mini fridge at my hotel and (can you guess where this is going?) the next morning when we left Paris, I forgot my cheese in the mini fridge. I'm still torn up about it! 

This was years ago, so I don't remember exactly what type of cheese it was, but I'm pretty sure it was Mimolette. Because of this memory, I HAD to include a block of orange Mimolette cheese in my picnic paintings! 

Let's Make Lemonade, still life picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, lemons sliced on cutting board, blue stripe blanket, lemonade glasses, sunlight shadow painting, acrylic painting still life

I am excited to partner once again with Christenberry Collection to bring you this new series. They will be available on June 2, 2022 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Quiet Riches, acrylic still life painting of oranges by Elizabeth Alice Studio, oranges with leaves, oranges with striped napkin

Slice of Sunshine, lemon still life painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, lemons in bowl on towel acrylic painting

Tangy and Sweet, a picnic still life painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, Topo Chico, limes, oranges, cocktail on striped picnic blanket art

Strawberries and Scones, a picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio with pink gingham, picnic blanket, basket, strawberries, scones, baguette, still life painting, dappled sunlight

Pink Gingham Picnic painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, fruit, cheese, baguette, peonies, friends having a picnic art still life painting

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