Hydrangea paintings for autumn

Hydrangeas are nostalgic for me. 

They make me think of summer family vacations on the coast of New England. 

When I see hydrangeas, I remember the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones—the feeling of belonging.

Hydrangeas in blue and white double happiness chinoiserie jar, painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio

Some of these vases were handed down to me by a relative. I love that they're mine, but it's bittersweet because those years are over. The places and vacations are now just memories.

Hydrangea painting rose canton chinoiserie bowl Elizabeth Alice Studio

And what a fitting time of year, in autumn, to reflect on the passage of time.

 Hydrangea paintings by Elizabeth Alice Studio

Autumn colors shouldn't be limited to orange and brown. My pink and green hydrangeas are still blooming in mid-October!

But, there is a crispness to the petals. They are fading, and yet they are still full of life. 

Hydrangeas in pink cut glass pitcher painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio

I had so much fun with my memories and my paint brushes, creating these paintings. I hope that they will bring you that same homey feeling of peace and belonging.  

My hydrangea paintings are available through Christenberry Collection. 


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