Christmas in July: 2022 ornaments are available for preorder

If you've been following me for a while, you might remember the ornament drama of 2021! 

If not, here's what happened...

Last year, I bought ornaments in August to paint. I didn't get too many because I figured I could always buy more later. 

Pretty floral hand-painted ornaments by Elizabeth Alice Studio. Christmas ornaments are placed in a vintage milk glass bowl and are painted in pink, blue, and green hydrangeas and peonies.

2021 ornaments

I released my hand-painted ornaments in October and they sold out...IN ONE DAY! It was a much bigger response than I anticipated and I went to buy more ornaments, but they had sold out. 

I searched far and wide for more ornaments to paint, but I only found a few stragglers left over at several different retailers. 

In the end, a lot of people missed out on the ornament they wanted, and I want to make sure that doesn't happen again!

Let's hope July is early enough in the year. 

Grandmillennial hand painted ornaments by Elizabeth Alice Studio, with blue green and pink hydrangeas, blue and pink bows, polka dots and scallops, allover floral, peonies, and red berry with evergreen branches

2022 ornaments

This year, I have set up a preorder for ornaments. You order the style you want, and I'll know how many I need to order, well in advance. I'll ship preorders in November. 

Preorders will be open through July 30, or until I reach capacity. 

All ornaments are my original design and I hand paint each one, then seal it and add a gorgeous raw-edge chiffon ribbon. You'll notice if you compare the two pictures that this year's ornaments are also much larger than last year's! 

Green, blue, and pink hydrangea hand-painted Christmas ornaments with matching chiffon ribbon, Grandmillennial pastel ornaments by Elizabeth Alice Studio

Blue, Green, and Pink Hydrangea

I'm bringing back the most popular style from last year, plus new colors! I love hydrangeas and I can't get enough of their lush petals and variegated color. 

Hand-painted Christmas ornaments with pink and blue bows, scattered polka dots, and a scalloped edge, grandmillennial Christmas ornament gift by Elizabeth Alice Studio

Blue and Pink Bow

Bows? Yes! Polka dots? Yes! Scallops! YES! This design is new this year and the grandmillennial style is just over the top! I think these would also make great gifts for Baby's first Christmas.

Chinoiserie inspired Christmas ornament hand-painted white and pink peony flowers with green leaves and ribbon by Elizabeth Alice Studio


My chinoiserie peonies make an appearance on ornaments! The white and pink flowers really stand out against the pink background. The texture of the flowers and leaves is mirrored in the complementary green ribbon. 

Christmas ornaments hand painted in allover floral pattern in pink and blue with matching ribbon by Elizabeth Alice Studio

Blue and Pink Floral

A new style this year! I love an allover floral. Loose flowers and leaves are highlighted with shimmery metallic gold accents. 

Hand painted Christmas ornament by Elizabeth Alice Studio with red berries and Christmas winter greenery on a white background

Red Berry and Branches

I had a lot of requests for ornaments in traditional Christmas colors, so here you go! I stayed true to my own style while adding deep red berries mixed in with greenery and evergreen sprigs. 

All ornaments come in a gift box. 

See one you like? Preorder now through July 30th...or until I reach capacity!

I also plan to release a limited number of ornaments later in the year that are available for purchase immediately. Some of the above styles might be available, and there will be a few new ones as well. 

These ornaments bring me so much joy and I love to think that they become a part of your family's Christmas tradition!

Hand-painted Christmas ornaments by Elizabeth Alice Studio, grandmillennial style holiday decor with hydrangeas, peonies, bows, blue pink and green 


  • Hi ladies, thanks for your comments! In 2022, preorder was in July and additional releases were in November. Ornaments were sold individually. Both November releases sold out in one hour, so you have to be fast! The best way to be notified when things are available is to sign up for my email list.


  • Is it too late to order some ornaments? If not, how much and if it is, ughh!

  • I would like to order a pink bow ornament

    Robyn Preston
  • Love your ornaments! Can you tell me how much they are? Can you order just 1 or 2, or are they sold in a bundle?
    Thanks for your response

    Tracie Nipper

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