Art commission ideas for even the most challenging recipient

We all have a person on our list who's difficult to buy for...either they say "I don't need anything!" or their taste is so specific that it's hard to choose the right item. 

Original art is the perfect solution, even for a challenging recipient. 

I have yet to see someone NOT get emotional when unwrapping a painting that was commissioned just for them. It's not just that it's a beautiful piece of artwork, it's the idea that the gift-giver took the extra step to think of something that would be meaningful to them. 

But here's a little secret...commissioning art is actually EASY! 

Instead of scrolling through pages and pages of trite gifts, just let me know what your recipient is interested in, and we'll choose an image together. It's WAY less work for you, with a much better result! 

For a parent or grandparent: 

  • A portrait of their kids or grandkids. 
  • A floral bouquet with a flower representing each member of the family: everyone's favorite flower, a flower in everyone's favorite color, or each person's birth month flower. 

    For a grandmillennial mom: 

    • A chinoiserie painting with each family member represented as a bird or flower. 
    Blue chinoiserie panels with birds and flowers, modern chinoiserie decor by Elizabeth Alice Studio

      For an expectant mom or dad: 

      • A loose abstract painting of parent and child to hang in the nursery.
      • An animal or object that matches the nursery theme. 

      For a newly married couple: 

      • A painting of their honeymoon spot. 
      • A painting of the bride's bouquet. 
      Custom bridal bouquet painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio

        For dads and granddads: 

        • A painting of their signature beverage.
        • A landscape painting of a favorite golf course or vacation spot.
        • A still life of a favorite hobby. 

        For new homeowners, or those downsizing from the home where they raised their family: 

        • A house portrait.
        • A landscape painting of a beautiful spot in the yard. 
        • A favorite flower from the yard.  

        For kids: 

        • A portrait of themselves (kids seriously LOVE this!) 
        • A pet portrait. 
        Custom portrait paintings by Elizabeth Alice Studio

          For a recent graduate:

          • A painting of a college landmark or favorite spot on campus. 

          For the world traveler: 

          • A painting of one of their own photos from a favorite destination.
          Vacation souvenir painting by Elizabeth Alice Studio, custom art commission gift for someone who likes to travel


          So, how to get started? Purchase the size of your choice, or send me a message! I'd love to hear from you. 

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