Abby's Unicorn

This project is very special to me. Abby, a little girl I know, was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago at the age of 4. She is now 6 years old and she is still fighting it bravely!

On a personal level, this hit me hard. It felt like one week we were at dance class and gymnastics with Abby, and the next, she was very sick. The sheer randomness that sweet, bubbly Abby would suddenly be hit with this was unthinkable. 

Friends, if you thought you had it bad during the 2020 pandemic, imagine being a child who has just been diagnosed with a very life-threatening condition. On top of surgeries and weekly chemo treatments, add a necessary Covid test before every procedure, and the fear that comes with the risk of infection. I don't know how they do it, but Abby and her mom have not just persevered--they are still smiling! 

I painted this unicorn for Abby because it mirrors her resilience and bravery. 

Now, I am using the proceeds of print sales to pay it forward to families who are in similar situations as Abby's. Instead of accepting the proceeds for themselves, Abby's mom asked that I donate them instead to Just In Power Kids, a charity that assists families who have sick children. 

Abby's Unicorn is available in fine art prints, canvas wraps, pillows, minky throws, acrylic blocks, and puzzles. 



Abby's Unicorn products by Elizabeth Alice Studio, rainbow unicorn blanket pillow puzzle wall art

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